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Details and contact

Current position: SSr Backend Developer at 3XM Group
University degree: Informatics engineer


I've been working as a backend developer for about 4 years, and done some minimal frontend work. This are things that I care about for my job:

Working experience

3XM Group

Backend developer for healthcare company

TBD: basically AWS lambdas in nodejs, dynamodb, java, mysql, and concepts like middleware, request interception, oauth, token, things

Backend developer at SevOne

Backend developer at 3XM

Worked on the backend solution of a resource management platform. The task was to have a RESTful API to handle different entities, and create relationships between them, but in a NoSQL DB. In this project I worked with the following technologies:

Backend developer at Everest

I was involved in the development on a platform to register entities on both a database, to keep details from that entity, and a blockchain, to register new operations or updates. The work consisted first on refactoring an existing RESTful API, adding a client to a new SQL provider, update the logic on storing these entities into the database, and keeping track of new transactions or operations in the blockchain. The technologies involved were:

The project consisted with also had these technologies that we had to interact with:

Backend developer at 3XM

Helped on several projects, with bash and python scripting, and stream tools like sed and awk, and got my aws certification.

Software engineer at SevOne

Worked on specific solutions for different customers that required parsing different file's formats and acquiring indicator values to send to a platform for analisis. I've also designed custom solutions for customers, based on the requirements that they delivered, or interacting with them to get the requirements in the first place.

Claro AR


Custom queries from database, sys-admin tasks as filesystem storage control and backup jobs of data. I worked with the following technologies:


Ingeniería en informática

Tecnicatura superior en informática