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navigating a file

note: work in progress

Scrolling through a file depends a lot in preference.

I first move through the file to find what whatever I'm looking for with ^U or ^D, and then move the cursor within the lines being displayed. ^U and ^D scrolls half page, or if I know what I'm looking for, I just search it with /.

Moving the cursor within the lines being displayed, there's relative number and simple movements. Relative numbers can be displayed with :set rnu nu, so it also shows the current line number, and from there I can move up or down with [amount][movement]; meaning if I see the line where I want to be, 10 lines up from where I am now, that would be 10k.

But I got use to having relative numbers on, and slowly forgot about other methods when moving around. Now I replaced it with H M L and searching for text. Or { } to jump between empty lines.